Although there are some other options available, wood is the main material used by decking installers Perth. And for all the right reasons! Wood or timber is the ideal product to use, especially when modifying landscapes, since it creates an organic flow between the man-made and nature. Using wood or other wood-like materials, means that you are using a product that is in line with the colors and textures of earth. Hence, the transition from your building to the open, outdoor space remains pleasant to the eyes and goes unnoticed. No breaks, irregularities or concrete demarcation in landscape. Everything falls perfectly into place. And an added benefit of opting for decking is that proves to be much cheaper than other options that may help even out the ground or make it presentable.

After getting to know of so many benefits of timber decking Perth, you might want to know what different timber installation options are available to you and fit your requirements best. So let’s get into it!

Different Materials Used for Decking

Timber is a very superior choice of wood for decking installations. Extracted from nature and shaped by men, it is the perfect material to use for outdoor installations especially as it blends well with nature. And we at Decking Services Perth believe in the power of timber decking Perth too because it is strong, lasts long and has the ability to withstand chemicals as well as UV rays. It looks beautiful and is comfortable to use as well. Decking Services Perth ensures that high quality and long-lasting timber is used for constructing decks. However, there are also some other reliable materials used for decking in today’s day and age that are also worth a mention. Following are the different types of decking based on the material that is used, accompanied by the advantages and disadvantage of using each:

  1. Hardwood decking:

Hardwood is a unique choice for decking since it is longer lasting, durable and stronger compared to other timber options. This hardwood is derived from broad leaved trees. Some examples of these trees are Massaranduba, Ipe, and Opepe. You can even opt for jarrah decking Perth.

However, the most commonly used hardwood, however, is from a tree called Yellow Balau. Besides its durability, the pros of using hardwood are that the hardwood boards are certified, they give a very natural look, they are very beautiful to look at, and working with them requires a certain level of expertise that other types of timber do not require, which means the end results of your decking installation will be incomparable. However, they can prove to be really heavy on your pocket and may require more maintenance and oiling than the other cheap decking Perth options available.

  1. Softwood decking:

Wood for softwood decking is obtained from sustainable timber and can last up to and over 15 years. Softwood comes from evergreen coniferous trees. Examples include Western Red Cedar, Douglas fir, Spruce, Larch and the top choice of decking installers for outdoor decking Perth: The Scandinavian Redwood. Softwood decking is the cheapest type of decking available but it does have value to offer for the price point. It has enough durability and strength to last long. It is easily available, can be coloured and offers a variety of designs. Moreover, it is a much more environment-friendly option since coniferous trees grow quicker than others. Although it does not require as much maintenance as the hardwood types, it does require yearly maintenance. It also does not give as luxurious a look or feel as some of the other materials and might, in fact, turn into a greyish tinge if not stained with another colour.

  1. Composite decking:

Composite decking is definitely an effective substitute for purely wood based decking. It comes in two types of varieties: wood and plastic, and wood-free.

  • Wood and plastic mix:

Saige composite decking Perth is a great example of a wood and plastic based material. Although it might be costlier, it is a great and a very modern alternative for softwood. Saige comes in a variety of colors and looks as well as a ten-year warranty. It has a life expectancy of 25 years. Moreover, it is perfect for those people who wish to avoid the hassles of maintenance work.

You will absolutely not have to sand or paint the decking boards as they have a consistent colour and the boards also have an automatic fixing system for any foot prints. Furthermore, it is heat and slip resistant. The material is also anti-splinter so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Saige is also a great choice because it is made from recycled material and has no toxic additives to harm you or the environment. The best part about Saige decking is that it is affordable, and at the same time, it is a very high quality material.  It is perfect for any environment lovers that wish to add more style to their outdoor landscape or construction projects without having to sacrifice the posh look that wood gives.

  • Wood-free:

Then there are customers who do not want to deal with the additional care and maintenance required with wooden decks. Some customers may prefer other materials because of the versatility they have to offer. If you are one of such customers, then don’t worry we have got the perfect solution to your problem. You can choose to go for wood free composite decking material. Millboard decking in Perth and Trex decking in Perth are two popular examples of wood-free composite decking.

Millboard is a very stylish and high quality product that also has a long lifespan. This too does not require maintenance and comes with a 25-year warranty. It is the best material to use if you want to avoid slipping or damage due to UV rays. Moreover, millboard is algae resistant and does not show any expansion or contraction. All this make it an ideal choice even for outdoor decking, and even boardwalks. There’s a range of classy designs, styles and textures available for you to pick from. However, the main drawback here is the cost, which honestly, is not much if you compare it to its value.

Trex, on the other hand, is a phenomenal material developed especially for the sustainability conscious. It is made after recycling billions of shopping bags annually. This too is a very low maintenance and highly durable material. It is a scratch-resistant material that looks amazing aesthetically as well. What more could you possibly want!

Thus, we offer a wide range of material to fit all your requirements. If you are confused about what type of decking you should get, you can actually get in touch with our timber decking specialists to figure out which material would be the best fit for your construction project. Our specialists will conduct a full survey of the site and gauge how much timber will be required and which material will be best for the type of installation you want. You can then inform our specialists about your budget. And they will in turn inform you about the timber decking Perth prices so that you and them can work as a team and finalize decking material of your choice. The specialists may then suggest multiple designs to you, which you can always alter to your preference. The designs will only be finalized once you have reviewed them and never before that.

It is important to note that we, at Decking Services Perth, believe in working in collaboration with our customers. We highly value their opinions and lifestyle. Hence, we keep them involved in the designing and decision-making process. This way we are able to provide them with a decking installation that is in line with their comfort level and they truly get to enjoy their decking installation. But we don’t just ask our customers to take a back seat once the materials and designs have been finalized. After the details of the decking installation are finalized, we provide our customers with schedules and keep them updated about work progress to know of any questions or problems they might have.

Moreover, we believe in making our customers life as easy as possible so we clean up your outdoor space when we leave and cause minimal disturbance while we work. Once we are done with our work, you are free to inspect installations and ensure everything is according to your requirements.

So if you’re looking to transform your backyard, boat, or any landscape for that matter, simply get in touch with Decking Services Perth and we will deliver the best service you’ll find anywhere. Our decking experts are the best for the job, and you will not be disappointed with the quality of their services!